Wash Fold and Iron Service

Wash Fold and Iron ServiceWouldn’t it be nice to have your laundry washed and folded for you?  With just a 10 lb minimum we can do your laundry for you.

Our wash and fold bags are 30 x 40 inches. We tag each bag and register your contact and payment information so you can simply drop off your laundry during our attended hours and go. You will receive a text messages and/or email to let you know when your laundry has been finished and ready for pickup.

We now offer concierge pickup and drop off services.  Simply download our Full Service Laundry Form and mark the quantity of items you want cleaned.  For Wash and Fold Service we will weigh your laundry before we start.   Pick up and delivery is included free for addresses in Oakland and Macomb counties.

Need Ironing no problem.  If its not marked “Dry Clean Only” we can wash dry and iron your clothes in our laundromat.  Our shirt service starts at $1.75 for any size washable shirt complete with ironing and a hanger.  We also offer hypoallergenic All Free and Clear service for $2.50 per shirt.  If its not dry cleaned, we wash dry and iron it in house and you save as much as 50% over our GreenEarth Dry Cleaning Service.

Wash and Fold Express Bag $5.00
Personal Wash and Fold Service 10lb Minimum $1.25 per pound
Dry and Fold 10 lb min $0.75 per pound
Commercial Wash and Fold 20lb Minimum $1.00 per pound
Shirt Wash Ironed Hanger (all sizes) $1.75
Shirt All Hypoallergenic Ironed Hanger $2.50
Shirt Wash Steam Pressed Hanger (men’s) $2.00
Shirt Polo Wash Dry Hanger $1.25
Slacks or Skirt Wash Ironed $3.00
Coat or Down Jacket $9.00
Sheets Ironed $5.00
Twin Comforter or Mattress Pad $10.00
Full Comforter or Mattress Pad $12.00
Queen Comforter or Mattress Pad $15.00
King Comforter or Mattress Pad $20.00
Sleeping Bags $10.00
Down Feather Drying Add  $9.00
Duvet Cover  $10.00
Drape Panels Ironed  $10.00

Our wash fold and iron services are all performed in house. Steam pressing and GreenEarth Dry cleaning is processed at out plant.