Pay With Coins

Go old school and pay with coins if you prefer.  For customers who prefer coins, our washers and dryers accept both US dollar coins and US quarters. We have dollar coins to reduce the number of coins you need to start our machines. Canadian coins will jam our coin drops and you will be frustrated. Please use only US coins.

Our Change machine is located near the back of the store. You can use 1,2,5,10 and 20 US dollar bills. Simply insert them into the bill acceptor and your change will dispense bellow.

Our change machine vends as follows.
$1 bill = 4 quarters
$2 bill = 8 quarters
$5 bill = 8 quarters and 3 dollar coins
$10 bill = 8 quarters and 8 dollar coins
$20 bill = 8 quarters and 18 dollar coins

We suggest that you use the dollar coins first when paying for the washers and save the quarters for the dryers. Were happy to exchange left over dollar coins for bills during our attended hours.