Pay With ClearToken

How would you like to say goodbye to paying for your laundry with all those coins? Now you can at Wash Dry and WiFi by using our ClearToken Smart Phone App. Not only can you pay for the machines with ClearToken you receive SMS notifications when your laundry is ready to be moved to the dryer and when it is ready to be folded.

Simple Steps to Freeing yourself from Coins

1) Install the ClearToken app from the App Store or Google Play.
2) Enter the verification code sent to you by text message.
3) Add some credits from or by purchasing them from our attendant.
4) Match the ClearToken color and machine number you want to use with your phone.
5) Load your washer and select a temperature. Pay the vend price with ClearTokens from your phone.
6) Load your dryer. Pay the vend price with ClearToken. Select a temperature and start the dryer.

ClearToken customers also receive loyalty discounts because we offer Packages with Free Credits. Customers who purchase $20 in credits receive 8 free credits for a total of 88 credits. If you purchase $40 you will get 20 credits free for a total of 180 credits.