Dollar Coins and Quarters

For customers who prefer coins, our washers and dryers accept both US dollar coins and US quarters. We have dollar coins to reduce the number of coins you need to start our machines.

Canadian coins will jam our coin acceptors and you will be frustrated. Please use only US coins.

Our change machine is setup to vend as follows.
$1 bill = 4 quarters
$2 bill = 8 quarters
$5 bill = 8 quarters and 3 dollar coins
$10 bill = 8 quarters and 8 dollar coins
$20 bill = 8 quarters and 18 dollar coins

US Dollar coins aren’t popular outside of vending. We have to order them through the bank and that takes about a week. We’re happy to buy them back from you if you prefer.

There are 78 versions of presidential dollar coins minted in both Denver and Philadelphia. Sacagawea has 11 versions currently.


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